Living With Fear

I saw a writing prompt today that urged people to write about what they fear most. Continue reading



I’m going to take a minute to brag about my wife. I’ll call her George, because that’s what I’ve called her for years. Her kids call her Preuss. At first, I was offended. It seemed a little too forward, too familiar for the student – teach relationship. But I learned that they loved her and it was out of affection. Continue reading

The Road to Riches

2011-12-07 11.04.54 HDRThis is the most money that I’ve ever held in my hand at one time. $10,000. It was a deceptively small stack on $100 bills. A stack of 100 $1.00 bills seems much thicker and heavier.

What would you do with $10,000 cash?

I got to pay the IRS. Again. As I did every year. Continue reading


The Power of Music

Have you ever heard a song so powerful that it made you stop and just think for a few minutes? Continue reading