My journey began with DEATH, and the road less traveled.

This is an amazing story. I pray that Johnny’s experience will serve as a reminder as to what can happen when you mix alcohol and cars. I wonder, however, what he experienced, if anything, during that time when he was clinically dead. You might think that he wasn’t “gone” long enough, but on the other side, time has no meaning. I’ve read accounts of people who were dead for many minutes, but their experience lasted only moments, and stories of those who were dead for only a few moments and their journey lasted for hours.


The road to become a part of professional wrestling as been a long struggle to say the least. 9 years Before I walked in to the New Moon Rising Wrestling office to speak with Jake Bishop about hopefully becoming a manager with the company, I had already overcome my fair share of adversity and physical obstacles.

On the evening June 26, 2004 I was involved in a serious car wreck I was 23 years old. I flipped my three week old jeep wrangler three times end over end after colliding with a parked car. I was thrown 75-80 feet out of the driver side window. The roll cage on the jeep was completely collapsed. On the way out of the cab the steering wheel snapped my right femur like a twig. I also had the right side of my head ripped open by the doors frame. When I landed I…

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