Go Fund Me for Matthew’s Family

Matthew Todd Musick was born in 1977. He was murdered on Thursday, January 25, 2018 just before noon.

Read the story as it has been reported up to now here at My News LA.

Matt had an earned Master of Science Degree in Mathematics from Northern Arizona University and was working on his Doctorate at Clairmont Graduate University at the time he was murdered.


Matthew was taken from us in an untimely fashion. He was stabbed multiple times in the chest for his wallet and backpack. Matt was left to die in a parking lot. Alone.

Matt was studious and serious about his schooling, but he also knew how to have a good time.


Matthew was smart, witty, quick, and funny. He loved his wife, he loved his family, and he shared his love of animals, especially reptiles, with his wife, Darcy, who is going to school to become a veterinarian at Western University College of Veterinary Medicine.

They were a couple who put all of their resources into their education, breeding snakes and lizards on the side.

They invested everything they had into their future, which they will never know together. They weren’t able to save a lot of money, and even cremations cost upwards of $5,000.



Darcy fully intends to continue with her education, but she needs a lot of help. Their education expenses come to about $150,000. Darcy has a couple of years yet to go until graduation.



We are trying to raise enough money for Darcy to cover funeral expenses and help, at least a little, with her education. We’ve placed a goal of $10,000, but we would love to be able to cover her complete tuition towards becoming a veterinarian. $150,000

Please help us if you can. Anything would be appreciated. Even small amounts add up. If you would share this post on social media, it would greatly help.


The Go Fund Me page will open in a new link.


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